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Recognition of the early-orogenic detachment zones allow us to suggest that many of the major crustal-scale shear zones in the central Fennoscandian Shield have originated as 1.

The Palaeoproterozoic Kristineberg area in northern Sweden comprises five sulphide mineralizations occurring within a regional-scale, fault-controlled antiformal structure. The ~E-W faults show reverse shear senses with the largest dip-slip displacements in the east. However, based on both the steep orientations of the faults, as well as their close relationship with intense folding on the above metavolcanic rocks, the faults are considered to have their origin in a phase of crustal extension pre-dating compressional deformation.

The SW-NE crustal shortening was regionally partitioned into both ~E-W and ~N-S trending high-strain structural domains, whereas the Kristineberg mine vicinity shows a pattern of sub-horizontal stretching with top-to-the-E kinematics and S-block-up reverse faulting.

The above features together formed the Kristineberg deposit into its present shape with steep planar bodies close to the surface and elongate, gently W-plunging bodies indicating intense stretching at depth.

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Outcrop-scale correlations of deformation fabrics with low-field anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility AMS measurements revealed a two-stage structural evolution of the pre-tectonic, Palaeoproterozoic Viterliden intrusion in the Skellefte District, Sweden. The first deformation event reflected ˜N-S compression during basin inversion, and comprised reverse dip-slip shearing along major ˜E-W faults, whereas the low-strain lenses in between experienced penetrative deformation with a component of NE-SW elongation along the main foliation.

This event is largely responsible for the present structural geometry regionally and locally, and also for the magnetic fabric of the rocks.

In particular, the sub-vertical maximum principal susceptibility axes Kmax within the high-strain zones are related to early dip-slip deformation, and were virtually unaffected by subsequent dextral strike-slip reactivation, which is recorded by sub-horizontal rock lineations. The strike-slip deformation reflects ˜E-W bulk shortening and may regionally be correlated with reverse faulting along a ˜N-S trending major shear zone east of the study area.

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The Skellefte district in northern Sweden is one of the most important mining districts in Europe hosting approximately 80 volcanic massive sulfide VMS deposits. Due to its economical importance, geological and geophysical studies were carried out in order to create an image of the geometry of the upper crustal structure and integral geological elements and to evaluate their relationship to mineral deposits.

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Consequently, seismic reflection data along three sub-parallel profiles were acquired during — to map the spatial relationships between the geological structures down to a depth of ~4. Although these seismic studies helped researchers understand the regional relationship between geologic units in the central Skellefte district CSDthe seismic reflection data did not succeed entirely in mapping the lithological contacts in the area.

In this study, themodel derived fromthe seismic reflection datawas examined by using 2. Moreover, we single i jörn- boliden gravity and magnetic data along the non-reflective or poorly reflective parts of the seismic profiles to identify major lithological contacts and shear zones in the CSD, which could not be modeled on the basis of the seismic reflection data. Gravity and magnetic data helped reveal the spatial relationship between the Skellefte volcanic rocks, Vargfors groupmeta-sedimentary rocks and two metaintrusive complexes.

Results suggest amaximum depth extent of 2.

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Furthermore, this north-dipping Skellefte—Jörn contact coincides closely with magnetic lows and gravity highs, which implies that the Jörn intrusive rocks have a greater thickness than the underlying basalt. Further to the NW, gravity and magnetic data suggest a depth extent of 2 km for the Gallejaur complex, which coincides with a set of gently dipping reflectors.

In addition, this study supports previous concepts of fault geometries and fault patterns as a result of upper-crustal extension and subsequent inversion during crustal shortening. In the final model interpretations of the IP data were included, thus relating indications of mineralization to the geological structures. DiVA - Sökresultat Geoelectrical and induced polarization data from measurements along three profiles and from one 3D survey are acquired and processed in the central Skellefte District, northern Sweden.

The data were collected during two field campaigns in and in order to delineate the structures related to volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits and to model lithological contacts down to a maximum depth of 1.

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The data were inverted previously, and their joint interpretation with potential field data indicated several anomalous zones. The data not only provide additional information from greater depths compared with the data but also cover a larger surface area. Several high-chargeability low-resistivity zones, interpreted as possible massive sulphide mineralization and associated single i jörn- boliden alteration, are revealed. Several anomalies are interpreted as new potential prospects in the Maurliden area, which are mainly concentrated in the central conductive zone.

In addition, the forsa- hög hitta sex relationship between the major geological units, e.

Located in northern Sweden, the Skellefte mining district has been subject to several geological and geophysical investigations, as it is hosting abundant volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposits.

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The importance of mineral exploration at greater depths in the Skellefte District has been increased since most of mineralization at shallow depths are already discovered and exploited. Therefore, geophysical methods become particularly important as they can improve our knowledge about spatial relationship between geological features at the depth. In the second part Regional-scalepotential field data were used to constrain the interpretation of the reflection-seismic data down to 5 km depth.

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The result from the first part indicated a good correlation between the initial resistivity model and the magnetic and gravity field calculated from that model.

Dejtingsidor Askersund.

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Sogeti Umeå anställer fler kvinnor. In Part II, the gravity and magnetic data were investigated to better understand the contact between the Skellefte Group,volcanic rocks and the Bothnian Basin sedimentary rocks.

Furthermore the method was used to constrain the geometry of late-orogenic gabbro-diorite and granite intrusions which occur along inferred shear zones that are only poorly indicated, or not visible at all on the reflection-seismic profiles. As the main outcome, the proposed integrated 3D model of the central Skellefte District CSD revealed crucial information about the spatial relationship between key lithologies which will be further used to understand the evolution of CSD in the 4th dimension, time.

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Evolution of structures and hydrothermal alteration in a Palaeoproterozoic supracrustal belt Andersson, Joel. Luleå tekniska universitet, Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och naturresurser, Geovetenskap och miljöteknik.

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Bauer, Tobias. Abstract [en]. Förlagets fulltext.

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Bauer, Tobias E. Structural and sedimentological reconstruction of the inverted Vargfors basin Bauer, Tobias. Andersson, Joel B. Ladda ner fulltext pdf fulltext. Andersson, Joel. Project: Multi-scale 4-dimensional geological modelling of the Gällivare area Bauer, Tobias. Sarlus, Zimer. Fault-controlled sedimentation in a progressively opening extensional basin Bauer, Tobias. Skyttä, Pietari. Syn-extensional faulting controlling structural inversion Bauer, Tobias.

Geological multi-scale modelling as a tool for modern ore exploration in the Skellefte mining district, Sweden Bauer, Tobias. Lyckad kväll om agila metoder Correlation between distribution and shape of VMS deposits, and regional deformation patterns, Skellefte district, northern Sweden Bauer, Tobias.

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The Skellefte District Bauer, Tobias. The Vargfors Group sedimentary rocks form a distinct sub-basin in the central Skellefte district, the so called Vargfors basin or Vargfors syncline. Syn-extensional faulting created fault-bound compartments within the Vargfors basin. Syn-tectonic sedimentation of the Vargfors Group within the sub-basin is responsible for changes in stratigraphy between the individual compartments.

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