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Efterlysning av Hans Peter Jonsson - i Brunnby

Peter left Sweden and emmigrated to Australia, where he became known as Peter Johnson. He died in Melbourne in The two dot on top single i brunnby the "o" in Jons, is normally translated into english as "oe".

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It's a long o, close to the o in "work". Hans Peter's original last name then, had the same "o".

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The a in "Bracke" also has two dots, and is pronounced close to the a in "ladder". There's also an a with a circle on top in the swedish language, pronounced "aw" you might run into them in your research. Jons and Johanna was married in Brunnby church, with the proclamation or banns taking placehe a seaman and she a maid the same word indicated "maiden".

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He is said to be 26 years old and she Johanna's mother, Ola Mast's Widow Hanna Nils Dotter in N-o 18 Nyhamn gave her verbal consent to the marriage, against whose lawfulness nought was to criticize". Now, this leaves it without doubt that Johanna was born in Nyhamn, Brunnby parish to Ola Jonsson again, the two dots Mast and Hanna Andersdotter on Nyhamn n-r 9.

They had 6 children between andone of which was Anders Olsson Mast who later on also live in Bracke n-r 2 with his single i brunnby Regina Svensdotter.

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I looks as though Bracke n-r 2 was her father's house. Hanna died of old age79 years old trosa stadsförs.

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hitta sex Blasinge poor-house which is in the neighbooring parish of Jonstorp and had the poor-house for both parishes; the "a" in Blasinge also has two dots on top. I couldn't find a matching death record for Ola Jonsson Mast i the database.

Mast was not a common name, so I believe Ola's father was Jons with the two dots Svensson Mast who died77 years old in n-r 9 Viken, Viken parish. A 20 day evaluation offer costs swedish krona approx.

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Good luck, Jonas Nilsson E-mail: jn minpost.

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