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singlar i finja
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  2. Torisar Finja dating Whenever this attacks and kills a minion, summon 2 Murlocs from your deck.
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Before submitting a thread, ensure your topic or question doesn't belong in one of following threads:. Tavern Brawl. Hearthstone Resources. Hey guys, this morning I managed to get my third legend with a homebrew deck EU. After playing it most of last season the fast version mentioned singlar i finja and being stuck at rank 1 I made some changes this season and finally did it! Unfortunately as I play on mobile I have no tracking data due to arcane tracker not working with this patch.

So I've labelled this as a discussion on how to improve this decktype further. This is my first reddit post so formatting might be terrible.

So anyway I win-streaked to rank 5 within the first 2 days of the season with a faster version when everyone was playing slow decks. I'm not singlar i finja sold on if this is a better option then Finja rogue but its a lot more consistent and fun imo.

Bloodsail Corsair - Originally I played 2x swashbuckler and deckhand but after queuing into 5 pirate warriors in a row I made this change. I would always feel like I was one turn off lethal when my face got smashed with a reaper and this single card made the matchup favorable for me. The 2hp is more relevant then I expected against other classes and in general this card won me far singlar i finja games then it lost.

Speed Dating I Finja : Dejting värnamo / Dejting järnskog

Prep Sprint Package - With my original faster version I always found myself running out of cards and topdecking for a hopeful lethal. This combo is obscenely good in this deck as we play so many minions, it lets us spam threats and sometimes even out value control decks. Keep in mind that turn 4 prep sprint is not a good idea unless you have literally 0 options, this is a tempo deck at its core so the combo is best after turn 6.

When you need to fish for a evis on turn 6 for example. Stealth package - The core of the deck.

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Stealth is annoying for your opponent and turn 3 silent knight into sensei is stupid tempo in early game trades. Lotus Assassin totems hate him has also been a mvp to clean up the board then going face the next turn.

I'm sure you have queued into the copycat finja version of this deck that I'm totally not salty that people discovered recently so you've witnessed first hand how annoying that combo is. The rest of the deck is mostly the core aggro rogue that people have been messing around with the last two months so I'll skip going into the choices there, most should be self-explanatory.

In general against slow decks you are the beat down read everything except pirate warr and water rogue so aim for a fast curve and bash face with decent early trades.

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Sometimes you'll end up fighting for board control and then you should try to either grab back the tempo and transition back to beat down or swap your mindset to a combo deck and dig for leeroy shadowstep coldblood etc.

For the druid match up you often should not trade minions into the small idols unless you think a certain swipe or wrath will destroy your board. This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

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Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Want to learn more about Mean Streets of Gadgetzan? Head on over to our Mean Streets of Gadgetzan guide! Join the discussion on our forums! Stealth Whenever this attacks and kills a minion, summon 2 Murlocs from your deck. Shouldn't his wording be updated to say "Whenever this attacks and kills a minion, recruit 2 Murlocs"? Meet Christian Singles in Skane My opponent had this card on the table an he killed one of my minions.

By doing so his health went to zero, so he should be dead.

The Dashiki and What it Represents

Because he killed one of my minions he gets to get two cards from his deck. One of these cards was the Murloc warleader.

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Although the Finja card was already singlar i finja zero health because of the attack on my minion the Warleader gave him 1 health and thus made the Ninja survive.

This can not be as as intended in my opinion. I have him, but every time I draw him, he rarely survives on the table, and almost never gets to kill something.

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May I ask how you can't get a kill with him? The only possible counters to finja is devolve, dragonfire, and other hard AOE. Well, potion of polymorph, but who the fuck runs that? It's very easy to buff him with a warleader from hand, and can pull 12 damage with 2 warleaders on the board, even more if you have shadowstep.

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That's a problem. I also run him in rogue so I have cold blood to help me singlar i finja.

Finja dejt

But I will always draw my war leader and blue gill every. I rarely see Finja sadly.

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He's always buried very deep in my deck.

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