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Its seat is located in the town of Nykvarn.

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Nykvarn is a young municipality, and is the result of the splitting of Södertälje Municipality in Nykvarn can be regarded as a totally new municipality, because there was never before an entity with that territory or that name. Nykvarn dating sites municipality has a significant population increase in the summer thanks to tourism. Nykvarn is located between the two cities Södertälje and Strängnäsand many citizens of Nykvarn work in either.

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Archeological finds show the area to have been inhabited for about 5, years, similar to its neighbouring municipalities around Lake Mälaren. Besides graves from the Stone Agethere is also an interesting runestone that can be visited that is listed in the Rundata catalog as Sö It currently resides in the Turinge church, a church that has a history dating back to around the year This runestone has a very long inscription.

A newer sight is the Taxinge-Näsby Castlewhich was begun sometime in or before the 14th century, by Bo Jonsson Grip.

nykvarn dating sites

The castle has its current facade in the empire style from Many celebrities have during the centuries visited or stayed at the castle, including Carl Michael Bellman in the 18th century and August Strindberg in the 19th century.

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