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Parks and nature[ edit ] The Gothenburg Botanical Garden Gothenburg has several parks and nature reserves ranging in size from tens of square metres to hundreds of hectares.

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It also has dating i gunnebo green areas that are not designated as parks or reserves. Selection of parks: Kungsparken, 13 ha 32 acresbuilt between andsurrounds the canal that circles the city centre.

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Founded in by the Swedish king Carl XIV Johan and on initiative of the amateur botanist Henric Elof von Normann, the park has a noted rose garden with some 4, roses of 1, cultivars. It has a free "open" zoo that includes harbor sealspenguinshorsespigsdeermoosegoatsand many birds. The Natural History Museum Naturhistoriska Museet and the city's oldest observatory are located in the park.

It lies partly in Mölndal. Skatås gym and motionscentrum is göra på dejt i norra hestra here. Rya Skogs Naturreservat17 ha 42 acresbecame a protected area in It contains remnants of a defensive wall built in the mid- to lateth century.

He was the son of Scottish Alexander Keiller, who founded the Götaverken shipbuilding company.

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Hisingsparken is Gothenburg's largest park. It has around 16, species of plants and trees.

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The greenhouses contain around 4, species including 1, orchids. Architecture[ edit ] Many buildings in the old part of the city were built along canals.

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Very few houses are left from the 17th century when the city was founded, since all but the military skerike- gideonsberg single royal houses were built of wood.

Imposing stone houses in Neo-Classical style were erected around the canals.

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The style now was an eclectic, academic, somewhat overdecorated style which the middle-class favoured. The working class lived in the overcrowded city district Haga in wooden houses.

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The Swedish functionalist architect Uno Åhrén served as city planner from through Noted buildings on the square include Gothenburg City Hall formerly the stock exchange, opened in and the Nordic Classicism law court. The main canal of Gothenburg also flanks the square. Ina major reconstruction was finished which brought the 19th-century building into the 21st century dating i gunnebo the capacity for trains, travellers, and shopping.

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It is 86 m ft high with 22 floors and coloured in red-white stripes. The skyscraper was designed by Ralph Erskine and built by Skanska in the late s as the headquarters for the company.

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It was completed in The architect Jan Izikowitz was inspired by the landscape and described his vision as "Something that makes your mind float over the squiggling landscape like the wings of a seagull. Feskekörkan was opened on 1 November and its name from the building's resemblance to a Gothic church.

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It was built in a neoclassical architecture towards the end of the 18th century. It is located in Vasastan and is built of granite in a neo-Romanesque style. It is also a popular destination for tourists on the Swedish west coast.

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Museums[ edit ] Many of the cultural institutions, as well as hospitals and the university, were created by donations from rich merchants and industrialists, for example the Röhsska Museum. Products shown include cars, trucks, marine engines, and buses. It is divided into six sections, each containing experimental workshops and a collection of reptiles, fish, and insects.

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It is the largest amusement park in Scandinavia by number of rides, [88] and was chosen as one of the top ten amusement parks in the world by Forbes. It is about 1 km 0.

Gothenburg's largest shopping centre 8th largest in SwedenNordstanis located in central Gothenburg.

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